Ready Made Wigs & Pieces

Ready made wigs and hair pieces are no longer kept in stock. Please ask about our consultation service to ensure the perfect style colour and fit.

Suitable for all types of hair loss

Can be worn over your own hair for a change of style

Pieces in hair or fibre can add length or thickness to your own hair

Advantages Fibre

  1. Shake and wear
  2. Fantastic colour choice
  3. Easy to Manage

Disadvantages Fibre

  1. Easily damaged by heat.
  2. Can suffer friction frizz
  3. Short life

Advantages Hair Wigs

  1. Heated Appliances can be used
  2. Can be coloured or Permed
  3. Style can be changed
  4. Soft to touch

Disadvantage Hair Wigs

  1. Colour fades
  2. Can be difficult to manage
  3. Limited colour choice
  4. cost

Wig sizes

Ready made wigs are available in a variety of sizes from extra small to large. The fit of the wig is very important and although ready made wigs have an elasticated adjustment in the nape this will not allow an average size wig to fit a small head.

It is important to choose a style that is available in the most suitable fitting for you.

We can then offer slight customising for a perfect fit if required.

Wig types

We are experienced in the selection and fitting of wigs to suit individual requirements and can recommend the most suitable and natural looking styles.

There are 4 main types of construction for ready made wigs.

** 100% machine wefted
** 100% machine wefted
*** Machine wefted with mono filament crown or parting
*** Machine wefted with mono filament crown or parting
**** Machine wefted with full mono filament top
**** Machine wefted with full mono filament top
***** 100% hand tied with monofilament top
***** 100% hand tied with monofilament to

Follow the links below to browse some of the wig styles available.
If you see any wigs you like or are interested in a particular brand please tell us when you book your consultation to ensure we have them in stock for you to try on.

We are happy to supply ready made wigs and hair-pieces by post if you know exactly what you require.

Please use the contact form to make an enquiry about availability and cost.

A range of care products and accessories for fibre wigs is available.